Module 8 :  Amazon Seller Central 101


Max Time : 1 hrs(could be less) of starting this module.

Video 1 : Seller Central Overview

Video 2 : Managing Inventory

Video 3 : How to Reconcile your Inventory on FBA

Video 4 : Manage pricing and competing with the Buy Box

Video 5 : Communication with customers - Sales Backer

Customer Service Feedback


Customer Service is something I always emphasize. Not only does Amazon look closely at how we handle this area, its a MUST in continuing to grow your Amazon business.

When we have happy customers it helps with positive feedback and builds relationships in developing repeat business.

Below is an example of a customers satisfaction of our correspondence. Its a little lengthy so bare with it.

Category Approval

Requesting Approval In Restricted Categories

Some of the most popular categories on Amazon for FBA sellers require getting approval from Approval first. Some of them are pretty easy while others are not. However, all of them are attainable to get approved.

 The main categories that require approval on Amazon are listed below.


Watches Grocery

Health & Personal Care

Fashion Jewelry

Clothing & Accessories

Shoes & Handbags

Sport & Entertainment Collectables


What you will need before you can try

Must sign up for a Pro Merchant account

 Order defect rate under 1 percent

 Late Shipment rate under 4 percent

 Pre fulfillment cancel rate under 2.5 percent


 Usually these rates will not affect you unless you are brand new and fall behind by selling yourself (Merchant Fulfilled)


Getting Approved in Shoes & Handbags, Clothing & Accessories, Watches & Jewelry

 The Application for these categories are pretty easy to get approved for. You have to go through an application process of multiple-choice type of questions. When it is finished you will get an almost instant approval or denial based out how you fill out your answers.

When you fill it out Amazon will ask you questions about what you plan on selling. The questions are pretty simple and basic.

 One thing you NEED to remember when answering these questions is that AMAZON wants you to be purchasing your products direct from the manufacturer or be the brand owner. If you go into this and answer no to both of these questions you will be denied

Getting Approved in Health & Personal Care, Groceries or Beauty

These three are very popular to sell in a worth the leg work to get approved. In order to get approved in these categories you need to you have to provide invoices.

These categories can be hard to get approved. Mainly, because Amazon never clearly states exactly what they need. This is what has worked for others.

 You may need patience. So Please be patient! Lol… Every agent is different so One person may say one thing another may say another.

 To get approved Amazon will ask sellers to provide them with commercial invoices from known sellers. Retail receipts will no longer work.

 The Best way to get commercial invoice is to purchase direct from wholesaler. Make sure you speak with them on the phone to make sure they will provide you with a commercial receipt.

 The invoice needs to have the suppliers Name, Address, Phone Number and Website you are purchasing from.

 Also when purchasing from them make sure they have all of this information on their website. This helps Amazon verify them.

 Also make sure your company name (Display Name) appears on the address file.

Once this is verified ask the supplier if they can break the invoices into three separate invoices. I recommend that you have three invoices when applying to get approved.

Video 6 : Managing Refunds

Video 7 : Handling Negative Feedback

I received a NEGATIVE Feedback!!! What Can I Do? +

I received a NEGATIVE Feedback!!! What Can I Do?

Believe me this happens to all of us along the journey. I get them still but take a deep breath this can be overcome in most cases.

First, lets state the points about feedback…

  1. Not all potential buyers are concerned with feedback, or even look at it.
  2. If the feedback is about the product or Amazon's fulfillment end of your item, you can get it removed! People often are not aware of this.
  3. Its good to be aware and stay on top of all feedback. I usually check mine every day.

In most cases, negative feedback has nothing to do with you as a seller, so it can get removed.

So anytime that the feedback is talking about the product (for example)
“The Item stopped working after a few days”,
“The Item was too expensive.”
“The smell of the fragrance isn’t right”
“ The item doesn’t work as promised, etc.”


The feedback is related to the fulfillment end
Examples include,
“Order arrived broken.”
“Wasn’t received in time promised”
“Item never received”

All of these issues stated above are feedback that Amazon will remove.

So how do you do it???

Here are the steps to remove negative feedback:

  1. Go to Help
  2. Contact Us (all the way at the bottom, right hand side
  3. Go to  Selling on Amazon
  4. Then click Customers & Orders
  5. Add Order ID number that pertains to Negative Feedback
  6. Then Select… “Customer Feedback Removal Request”
  7. Then you need select the reason that it should be removed from the following selections and then submit the claim.  

Amazon then will review your request and either remove or leave it.  In most cases they will remove it automatically in other cases it could take a few hours. There have been times where they have not removed it and I have then appealed clearly pointing out that this feedback is a product review or fulfillment problem. Majority of the time  Amazon will then remove.

Video 8 : Removing Negative Feedback

Video 9 : Managing Orders

Video 10 :  Amazon Reimbursement Damaged Product

Video 11 : Creating FBA Removals

Video 12 : Product Pricing Tip

Learn about product pricing, setting your price to get the Buy Box.

How to create new ASINs - credits to Janet Heisler Nevins

I want to give a little tip or advice to anyone making items on Amazon just from what I have experienced in the last week or so.

I have a little problem, I can't let a good deal pass by, so I found jeans at Wal-Mart for $1-3 but they didn't scan. I bought them anyway. I wanted to learn how to add ASINs so I played around until I finally figured out how to do it.

This weekend I made alot of jean ASINs. Last night after I packed my shipment to Amazon, I noticed alot of supressed listings so I clicked to check them out. Amazon somehow lost the upc codes for about 6 of the jeans so to make a longer story short, make sure you document everything. I am going to open my boxes and add the upcs but if I would have sent them it would be a problem.

Last night I created a Google Form which will put all of the information I need in a Google spreadsheet so that I will have all of the information if something like this happens again.

Here is a link to my form, I think you can download it to your drive account and use it if you want to.

To make a copy of the form in your drive:

Just incase you are wondering, the jeans are selling ($24.99) so I guess I made a good decision.

FBA Instock Rate

FBA Instock Rate:
You can now indicate that a SKU is non-replenishable or seasonal on the Restock Inventory page by clicking View details in the Action column and selecting Hide recommendation. Hiding all SKUs associated with an ASIN will exclude the ASIN from your FBA in-stock rate and estimated FBA lost sales.

Video 14 : Suspected Intellectual Property Violation

Did you also receive IP violation notifications? A lot of sellers did as well. Shawn will help you out on what you need to do.

Video 15 : Potential Pricing Errors

Recently, a lot of Amazon sellers are getting these notifications regarding some of their listings labeled to have potential pricing errors. If you are using the BQool repricing tool, then you are lucky because BQool recently added a new feature which you can now view Delisted Listings and edit the min/max prices of your listings.

Assignment 1

🏆 Goals 🏆 :

✅ Watch Module 8

✅ Familiarize using your Amazon Seller Central account

✅ Learn how to create new listings

✅ Learn how to handle different kinds of situations throughout your FBA journey


🏆 Assignment 🏆 :

✅ Since you already started doing FBA and have your products shown on Amazon already,

    • What are the issues or obstacles you’ve gone through so far?
    • How did you solve those issues?

✅ Share these experiences to Shawn through email and get his expert advice and feedback.

⏰ Deadline ⏰ :

7 Days

How to submit ?

Please send your answer via email to

Email Subject : Attn Shawn - Amazon Seller Central 101