Module 6 : Sourcing Through Online Arb!


Max Time : 1 hrs(could be less) of starting this module.

Video 1 : Intro to Online Arb

Benefits of Online Arb

  1. You can do it from home. No need to go anywhere
  2. Find Larger Quantities available to purchase
  3. Use coupon codes and benefit cards
  4. They are shipped already in boxes
  5. Examples   and




Video 2 : Setting Up Goals Beforehand

Video 3 : Tool Belt for Online Arb

Video 4 : OA video walk through

Video 5 : Amazon Flips

Video 6 : OA FAQs

Assignment 1

🏆 Goals 🏆 :

✅ Watch Module 6

✅ Learn what is online arbitrage

✅ Familiarize yourself with the toolbelt for online arbitrage


🏆 Assignment🏆 :

✅ Make time to do online arbitrage at your home and  source for a profitable product.

✅ Take a screenshot of three profitable products you found and email it to us.

✅ Please take note that it isn’t for Shawn to know you are doing this right as it’s something you must learn on your own.

⏰ Deadline ⏰ :

3 Days

How to submit ?

Please send your answer via email to

Email Subject : Attn Shawn - Sourcing Through Online Arb