Module 2: Laying the Amazon Foundation


Max Time : 1 hrs(could be less) of starting this module.

Why sell on Amazon?

  • Amazon is the largest Internet based retailer in the US.
  • It’s a one-stop shop. People go there to buy everything. From groceries, to baby products the list goes on and on.
  • You do not have to do anything to drive people to your site. Amazon does the advertising for you! How great is that?!
  • As a FBA member you handle only the small responsibilities. Once you you’re your items off to Amazon they handle most of it from there.
  • What is FBA all about?
  • FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. Which means they do the fulfilling to the customer.
  • Amazon handles so much. The packing, shipping, order processing and returns.
  • Compared to Ebay where you have to do everything!

What are you responsible for?

  • Finding product
  • Labeling your product
  • Shipping products to Amazon
  • Control the pricing
  • Customer emails

Video 1 : Amazon 101 Overview of FBA business

Video 2 : Expenses you will need for the business

Video 3 : Setting up your seller account

What do you need to get started and setup the account ?

  • Email Address
  • Desired display name (What your store front will be called)
  • Credit card on file
  • Phone #
  • Address
  • Social Security number or EIN number
  • Checking account and routing number
  • Remember only one seller account per household

Assignment 1

🏆 Goals 🏆 :

✅ Watch Module 2

✅ Get your to-buy list for supplies you need before you start the business

✅ Setup your Amazon Seller account


🏆 Assignment 🏆 :

✅ After setting up your Amazon Seller account, send a photo of anything that is just sitting inside your house that is worth money that you sold and use as capital for buying your supplies.

✅ Please take note that it isn’t for Shawn to know you are doing this right as it’s something you must learn on your own.

⏰ Deadline ⏰ :

3 Days

How to submit ?

Please send your answer via email to

Email Subject : Attn Shawn - Laying the Amazon Foundation