Module 16 : GOAT App


Max Time : 1 hrs(could be less) of starting this module.

Video 1 : Introduction

Video 2Β : Application Process

Video 3 : Overview of App

Assignment 1

πŸ† Goals πŸ† :

βœ… Watch Module 16

βœ… Learn how to use GOAT app


πŸ† Assignment πŸ† :

βœ… Register a new account on GOAT app and start selling shoes as soon as you get approved. Take a screenshot of your very first sale, share it with the group and email it to Shawn to make sure you already know how to use the Scoutify app.

⏰ Deadline ⏰ :

7 Days

How to submit ?

Please send your answer via email to [email protected]

Email Subject : Attn Shawn - GOAT App