Our JV success is due to 3 simple facts:  our products get member results, we do what we teach, and JV's follow our webinar promotional strategies.

  • Real Customer Results

  • We Do What We Teach

  • Proven Webinars Promotinal Strategies For HUGE Profits

Our webinars convert consistently at a minimum of 50% of your actual live attendees on your first webinar by the end of the promotional cycle.   Get 200 people live on a webinar and we'll close a minimum of 100 when we work together and you follow our proven promotional strategies.  See JV results below.

Typical Results When You Follow Our Promotional Strategies

Bill Mcintosh

Chris Munch

Lior Ohayon

Diggy Dirk

Anthony Devine

Seth Bias




Simon J. Walker

Brian Anderson

Derek Pierce



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