Seeking Volunteers: We will run your clients FB ads campaign for FREE

ATTENTION: Offline Marketers With Clients! How Would You Like Me To Run A FREE Local Facebook Ads Campaign For Your Existing Client And Bring Then Leads That YOU Can Charge Them In Exchange For A Case Study.

Profit from leads WE deliver to your client ZERO cost to you.

Yes! I Want To Apply For FREE FB Ads Campaign For My Client

You will get a call or email from Chris within 24 hours of completing application.

Questions & Answers

>>>>>>What exactly is included in this FREE FB Ads Campaing Offer? <<<<<<< +

No catch.. bottom line WE (kallzu) pays for everything from: fb ads, landing page design, sales funnel, SMS texting, email follow ups, ability to track leads, etc.. 100% complete.

YOU need to deliver a well educated client that is fully committed to:  Answering the phone and returning all lead with a phone call in 15 min. or less.

Provide an amazing offer with the understanding there will be little profit upfront.. the profit gained by getting a client for life and an upsell is where your client will make $.


What kind of niches does this work best for? +

Any niche will work.. the keys to success: 1. Great offer!!   2. Contact prospect withing 0 to 15 min. after they fill out form.

Does this work in any country? +

YES!  Anywhere people frequent Facebook.  We will give preference to USA applicants but this type of FB local marketing works anywhere.

Whats the catch? +

There is one catch:) I want full case study including: video skype interview with your client, fb screen shots of the costs, share sample offer, landing pages, sales funnel (which kallzu will do all the work).